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Wide open, Theo eyewear


a collection of 12 glasses

With WIDE OPEN, a collection of no fewer than 12 glasses, the Theo eyewear is inaugurating a truly exceptional collaboration with French designer matali crasset. It is the first time that the Belgian brand theo will be collaborating with a designer from another country. theo is thoroughly convinced that this versatile designer is the perfect partner and that it will be a mutually reinforcing and inspiring relationship. WIDE OPEN is a highly successful symbiosis between a healthy dose of daring, a love of contemporary design and a passion for colour.

From the start, it was clear to both sides that they had a lot in common. matali crasset is not afraid to stray off the beaten path and theo is fully on board with that. With plenty of creativity, free-spiritedness and joie de vivre they have been able to mutually widen one another's horizons.

Traits de caractère

WIDE OPEN consists of 8 optical glasses and 4 sunglasses. Each model is named after a ‘trait  de caractère’ or a characteristic: Audacieux (bold), Impliqué (involved), Impulsif (impulsive), Spontané (spontaneous), Rebelle (rebellious), Délicat (delicate), Confiant (confident), Rêveur (dreamy), Averti (knowledgeable) , Expressif (expressive), Curieux (curious) or Sensible (sensitive). theo + matali invites the wearer to show his personality by playing with different ‘looks’.

This collection reminds us of how much glasses contribute to the formation of an own identity.

“A collection to keep your eyes open in order to decipher the complexity of this world.

Glasses to confirm one’s personality in a globalising world.

A support to form your own identity.

Twelve directions like twelve ways of seeing, to register the world.

It’s a twofold: the face maintains cordial relations with the frame which enhances the glance and reinforces the characteristic at the eyebrows.

Pronounced eyebrows to show our appetite in life.

Frames chosen for their material – acetate or metal – or brightly coloured, to emphasise the wearer’s identity.

Frames to show one’s willingness not only to participate in the world surrounding us, but also to discover this world.”

matali crasset


Extensive colour palette

theo created no fewer than 46 colour combinations for this collection. The colours themselves have been kept understated so as not to distract from the striking design. The glasses are wide both horizontally and vertically, in a reference to the position and the expansiveness of a ‘Belvedère’ (a vantage point). 


Form and comfort

Beautiful design is one thing. But for theo it's a point of honour to create extremely comfortable glasses. That is why Patrick Hoet assisted matali and theo in translating and technically perfecting her designs. 6 glasses are made completely in acetate and 6 glasses have acetate temples combined with a metal front. In terms of form, each of the acetate frames has a counterpart in metal. The models Audacieux, Confiant, Impulsif and Averti have flex-temples for even greater wearing comfort. The sunglasses are equipped with lenses from Essilor. The inside of the shaded glass has been treated with multi-layer anti-reflective coating which prevents distracting glare.


And of course, these glasses call for a coordinated theo + matali case with matching cleaning cloth. matali has also designed white displays which will do justice to her glasses.




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