Twist la vie for Tex, Carrefour

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Twist la vie for Tex, Carrefour


TEX, the textile brand of Carrefour,  is giving matali crasset free rein.  From March to December 2017, the French designer is creating a series of objects presented as five highlights to bring out the seasons.

matali crasset has always been sensitive to her projects’ accessibility in terms of utility and price.  This is now an opportunity for her to re-assert her values in common accord with the TEX teams.

Asserting that it’s time to show one’s optimism, the collection’s leitmotiv is "twist life" to offset the “sad life” of before.  The collection proposes a joyful approach to life, inviting all to share, meet, and express themselves through the generous tints of flat colours.

Highlight 1:  Around the home (March 2017)

This first highlight analogous to spring concerns exclusively textile products related to the home universe.  This is a first for matali crasset, but it prompts a complete collection.  A ramification module, duplicated and associated as a whole, becomes a the spokesperson of this era of a new genre where everything grows with high energy.

The ramification becomes in turn a tree, a floor covering and a vegetal wall.  It is the symbol of an expanding home that tries to make us forget the long years of retreat incarnated by the cocoon home.

The home, like a vegetal patio, open to breathing, liberating experiences from the outside world.

This sign of hope graphic develops in the universe of the bedroom with bed linen and pillowcases, bathroom with bath drapery and bathrobes, and lastly the sitting room with cushions and plaid.

Each element breaks down into several colours to allow each person to choose its preferred combinations.  Made of noble, healthy (label X) materials, the products combine the principles of responsibility, the contemporaneous and singularity.

"I decided to develop a pattern inspired by a vegetal pattern, because the vegetal is a common, shared language.  It anchors itself deeply as a design inspiration.  The vegetal is a metaphor for life.”

matali crasset

So this first collection consists of some twenty textile items for the bedroom, the bathroom or the sitting room.



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