matali crasset + Jour/né for 24sèvres

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matali crasset + Jour/né for 24sèvres


The French couture label Jour/né  has invited designer matali crasset for exclusive collaboration for the 24 Sèvres online marketing site, the address of the "Le Bon Marché" department store at 24 Rue de Sèvres in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

matali crasset has designed a pièce for everyday life – two versions of a jacket inspired by athleisure wear.

“Our point in common is doubtless this attraction for the language of colour.

Jour/Né collections breathe a deep optimism, a contemporary, pure style for everyday life.

I wanted to propose a luminous jacket and architecture broken down into two colour lines.

Three colours surround the collar like a chromatic cascade.

The pockets are nearly invisible.

One colour crosses the sleeve.

The colour becomes fluid, it plays with the dynamic of the body in motion, creating surprise and rupture depending on positions, like an amorous parade.”

matali crasset






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