Théo : now or never

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Théo : now or never



The 4th collection for  Theo is the opportunity to make a step further in the definition of your personnality. I would like to express that we are carefull of the situation and how people feel.

The frames are expressing the bifurcation we would like to operate in our live today, to give a new start, to be able to feel confortable again.

Fortune favours the brave. And so does the newest theo collection. When life puts you at a crossroads, you always have a choice: the safe or the bold path. One will keep you stuck on a familiar road, the other ... who knows! Yet one thing is for sure: these theo frames won’t be found on the safe path. Confident, pure forms meet clever design. Only for true theo lovers who dare to stand out! Ready to make your choice? It’s now or never.