Watershed, CGN / Odabashian

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Watershed, CGN / Odabashian


Watersheds are the veins of the Earth.

“Since the dawn of time, life has unfolded along the watersheds. Coming out of the sea, the first terrestrial beings followed the rivers [...] it is by going up the currents that the living become one with the earth. " Awareness of the watersheds makes it possible to understand the ecological crisis and to fight it.”

In Les veines de la terre : une anthologie des bassins vivants, wildproject Anthologie, february 2021

I saw the rug for CGN / Odabashian  as an invitation to change our relationship with the living.

We come from water, we need to find a closeness to this element to preserve it as much as possible.

Symbolically, bring the watersheds into our homes.

Being able to rest as on a landscape.

One way to remember them on a daily basis and to unite with those who fight to preserve them.