Infrasons, galerie Mica

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Infrasons, galerie Mica


Galerie Mica is exhibiting a series of objects by matali crasset which have never been seen before. The combination of artisan-designer on which the galerie  Mica is staking as a future promise is therefore continuing with the invitation from this major design centre whose awareness of know-how has already been expressed in a number of collaborative projects.

Bowls, vases, tidies? Shaped like a loudspeaker, loudhailer or a foghorn, these objects mischievously shy away from their status, juggling between use and representation, compelling whoever takes it up to think about what he will do with it, and this is already an invitation to reinvent the world. 

Unidentified objects, they play at maintaining a doubt about their function and their origins. They may be the descendants of old musical instruments where we don’t know where the sound comes from, as well as the prototypes for high-tech sound equipment that nobody yet knows how to work. This silence is too mysterious not to prick up one’s ears and to feel a palpable tension in this silence, generated by the attempt to synthesise what cannot be reconciled: the fossilisation of the future, the image of the sound, the materialisation of the wave, the objectification of the movement (the one which guides the body when spinning a piece of wood). 

Without any noise, the sound spreads out. It cannot yet be heard, but it means paying attention as if one must be wary of sleeping water: the spirals may indeed follow the momentum started in the wood, the unique objects give rise to series. Then, the scenarios are borne out, the utopias prove their viability! 

Damien Marchal has seen them… these objects being made. He has heard the sounds which filled the artisan’s workshops. The invitation he received in the form of a white card is the opportunity for the artist with sound to imagine a remarkable dialogue with these finished objects some of whose secrets he knows. Still in search of experiments, his taste for risk leads him this time to use his voice exclusively for this new performance.





  • Morgane Paslier, courtesy galerie Mica