Petit arc-en-ciel, Mica

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Petit arc-en-ciel, Mica


People often ask me why I am interested in childhood, instead of the adult? Certainly because children who are not yet acculturated still have this capacity that adults have lost to experience the object and really play the game.”

matali crasset

What Emmanuelle Lallement noted about the objects: "What Matali's objects offer us is precisely to operate this type of "return to childhood". A childhood that is not linked to age, but rather a place of true experience once again possible. A sort of "childhood of man".

This project does not propose an evolving system or deployment. This children's furniture program manufacured by Arbor'Ethique for Mica consists of a table and two chair models in their simplest form. Nevertheless, I know that the table will probably also become a cave, a shelter and the chairs imaginary animals and much more.

A stick shape constitutes the backbone of the furniture: it becomes the alphabet as well as the principle of construction: foot or back. A quarter round that avoids any protruding side. The whole is made of solid wood.

The chairs are offered in a polychromatic version with natural stain, two-tone orange and yellow and with a harmony of three shades yellow, orange, green. 








  • Bruno Astorg, Mica