Les capes, Manufacture de Sèvres

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Les capes, Manufacture de Sèvres


I have long refused to design furniture, and vases even more so!  This project consists only in making choices but designing nothing.  It is a matter of thinking out vases as a method, organised around a protocol like a breakaway to aesthetics, as in an “Oulipo” set of structures and patterns that creators can use as they like.

Walking all around a vast library of “forms” in the Sèvres factory, I identified vases that seemed anthropomorphic to me and wanted to associate them with others in a cross-breeding kind of effort.  There are many combinations, in such manner that the second vase dresses up the first.  Extending the analogy to fashion, I “cut” and “trim” the vases with the artisans’ help, emptying them, developing shadows and lights, full and empty places.

This operation is repeated several times to give birth to a “parade” of silhouettes.  Then I work with the decor and/or paint shop to consider colouring these volumes.



  • Gérard Jonca, Manufacture de Sèvres