Trait d'union, Théo

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Trait d'union, Théo



After the ‘Wide Open’ collection, Theo is now launching ‘Trait d’union’: a new collection with six frames by matali crasset.

‘Trait d’union’ stands for simplicity. A hyphen and a point, nothing more. In this complex world we choose the austerity that makes us look at daily life in a different way, to enjoy whatever may come, and to appreciate the hidden beauty and the ‘now’. It is like a hyphen that makes the connection between our eyes and what is important in life.

This hyphen is found on each side of the frame. A simple detail that invites you to look back for a moment. Almost like an anchor point to each temple. The metalsilhouette gives the lenses a kind of airiness by allowing them to ‘float’ in differentplaces.

In order to highlight its character, ‘Trait d’union’ offers you a choice from a wide palette of simple theo colours.




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