Les belles lunettes

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Les belles lunettes


Think of a small eyewear sho, les belles lunettes, as a showcase.

A single gesture that makes sense outside and inside the shop.

The primary intention is to avoid building displays and therefore to simply lay out a supporting drape. An openwork metal curtain wraps the whole space in its rhythm and gives it a strong and assertive identity. It is visible from the outside and is highly visible from the street,  calling for attention.

A curtain made of a subtle interplay between solids and voids, both diamond-shaped. 

A curtain that undulates in such a way as to create cells to display the glasses placed on the same diamond shape, this time placed horizontally.

The diamonds assembled to map the whole space are white, only the back is yellow and it is only visible by reflection on the white walls all around. A way of bringing color with light gradations to allow the colors of the glasses to be well highlighted.

Black frames and plinths complete the arrangement, anchoring the project to the floor and, in contrast, adding lightness to the curtain above. 

Towards the back of the space, the curtain separates the sales area from the workshop. The counter takes the form of a frame that is inserted into the frame and takes its place there.  

The workshop behind the curtain is of a different design, made entirely of wood. 

There is also a storage space with workbenches for small tools.






  • Philipe Piron