Modul'home, centre Pompidou

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Modul'home, centre Pompidou


“Module Home” is an interactive exhibition created by designer matali crasset for Centre Pompidou. This temporary exhibition is a prospective design workshop which invites children to imagine everyday life in the future by creating objects and “life scenarios”. Through the creative process, children are encouraged to think about how our environment and way of life are changing.

The exhibition is divided into four areas with different shapes and colours. Each area is associated with a different action word, such as travelling, sleeping or cleaning. Each participant works with the shapes and materials provided, from cut-outs printed on large cardboard sheets, designed by matali crasset.

Participants thus contribute to a module library, allowing them to showcase their practical responses to the different action words, and to imagine possible projects for everyday life in the future, e.g. objects, vehicles, housing, towns, etc. Once the object is finished, it is labelled with its name and function, e.g. “reading cocoon”, “self-cleaning teddy”, “upright bed” — anything you might find in... a home in 2050. 

Modul'home was presented in several other institutions, CCA in Montreal, Museo de la Ciudiad in Mexico, Istanbul Modern

Modul'home is also a book published by les éditions du Centre Pompidou to imagine the workshop with family and friend at home.



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