interactions végétales, Forum Meyrin, Suisse

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interactions végétales, Forum Meyrin, Suisse


In parallel to the installation of “Le Blobterre de matali (matali's blobterre)”, designed for the Pompidou Centre, the Forum Meyrin in Switzerland is welcoming another one of matali crasset’s ideas.

This exhibit in Meyrin by matali crasset is focused on two set themes where plants are the basic outline. Plant interactions formulate life hypothesis around gardens. The garden is a magical setting, a spatial and real setting within which an aim of living together can grow, experiment and live sustainably.

This area is filled with archetypal home – a manufactured one, the icon of a domestic living area with an Ikea wardrobe used as a metal and industrial framework. It takes on a double role, retaining a visual connection with the outside, and becomes a printed plant holder, carrying everything needed for the demonstration: screens, newspaper pages, lighting...

Within this green house, visitors can quietly enter with my work and hypothesis and can sit down to watch the films on beanbag chairs.

The outside of the house becomes a question-area regarding planting issues. Questions, texts and drawings are placed facing the visitors and all around the house on the walls, with the city’s initiatives in regards to gardens.

I’d like to believe that this exhibit will allow people to ask themselves more questions rather than just have answers, regarding the evolution of a designer’s role who would like to interact with society’s changes and who is not just simply a “problem-solver”

Several life hypotheses are voiced and presented as drawings, events, miniature models.

Ready-to-live in homes

Living and growing on balconies

Area to build, area to share

The shared trunk

During the exhibit a special newspaper will be issued, considered as an integral part of this installation and project.




  • Laurent Barlier, Forum Meyrin