Petite pousse, Carré d'art, Nîmes

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Petite pousse, Carré d'art, Nîmes


The Contemporary Art Museum in Nîmes, the Carré d’Art, gave matali crasset carte blanche to design a workshop space for children serving as an ephemeral installation. matali crasset lay down a fundamental principle: conceive and imagine a world from a shape.

“A kind of backbone, commas in twos, becoming the foundation for a 3D world.

It’s a tool for developing the imagination and initiating the space.

Made in various sizes, it’s used to consecutively build the layout of a stool, a shelter, a hanging mobile …

It’s an imaginary system imagined as an open universe.

The space is rooted around two areas:

• the square wherein sits a mini greenhouse filled with imaginary plants and which is visible from the lobby.

• in the middle, the mother weeping willow consisting of an area to cosily come together for activities or to sit down and read.

And there are small shoots all around pollinating the area - making it expand our minds.

A tribute to nature’s energy and springtime,

a perennial structure to release creativity.” 



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