Espace Ludo - Halle Secrétan, Paris

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Espace Ludo - Halle Secrétan, Paris


Designing a site layout for an intergenerational venue. 

Espace Ludo sits on the first oor of the recently-renovated  Halle Secrétan, a former covered market of typically Parisian architecture in the heart of the 19th district of Paris, built by Victor Baltard in 1868.

Espace Ludo is an area of 300 m2 open to all and focused on families and parenthood support with a co ee shop, youth area, video and digital activities, game evenings, art workshops ... all within in a wonderfully natural setting looking out over the city. Espace Ludo is a project managed by the association Espace 19 which was chosen following a call for tender from the City of Paris for this Halle Secrétan building.

The area is divided up into three main areas.

The rst area is for families with small children. Around a cabin allowing children to invent numerous games is an area for those who don’t walk yet or who are in the process of acquiring motor skills and where the parents or accompanying parties can sit .... A large table with low-level stools invite children to play or read ...

The second area is close to the kitchen and is for family rest and relaxation.

The third area, just for teens, is slightly set-o in a calmer corner... set around a digitally-oriented activity centre. It’s casual comfort ... with a bleacher-style unit where you can either sit or lie down .... providing a less standard type of comfort. All the furniture can easily be moved around to organise festive evenings.



  • Philippe Piron