Mini R, Crous, Orléans

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Mini R, Crous, Orléans


 A new university food-service concept.

The brief set by the CNOUS was to create 3 fast food service concepts that could be implemented in the various CROUS. With this in mind, we wanted these concepts to reflect the basic culture and values of the CROUS: social networks, initiative, exchange and participation.

The CROUS is an innovative organization that promotes the student values of hospitality, assistance, fairness, equality and service. We decided with the CNOUS to create one overall brand name, with three of four sub-brands, allowing for future evolution or adaptation. The brand had to promote both the idea of taking time to eat together, or meeting friends over a quick meal.

CROUS Mini R was created from this concept, and the three sub-brands of Mini R provide these different eating environments:

CROUS MINI R GLOBAL (general): offering general fast food in a friendly setting, where you can take your time with meals which you heat-up, sandwiches or quiches to eat in or take away, along with all the CROUS fast food range.

CROUS MINI R FRINGALE (snack): offering fast and informal food service where you can work and eat at the same time, pasta to heat-up, sandwiches, Panini or warm pies.

CROUS MINI R VITAL (healthy): offering a fast and fresh food service which is both good for you and your health, based on mixed salads, soups and fresh fruit.

All the Mini R are small-scale and local, using authentic, uncomplicated and simple marketing language, which promote the basic values of the CROUS. 

Mini R is similar to the university cafeteria, but operates on a smaller scale and is positioned closer to the central student hub. It allows students to have a greater choice of what
they eat and where they want to eat.

Mini R is the first in a range of alternative food services which has been implemented in Orleans. It is the result of much research and development carried out by the designer matali crasset, alongside the graphic design studio Praline and the help of Dominique Serrell from Terres Nuages.

The Mini R provides an alternative to the ‘rest U’ (university cafeteria), that allows people to eat at flexible times and in a relaxed environment. 

he Mini R located in Orléans is a Mini R Global, decorated primarily in white and turquoise with highlights of orange. There are a number of different seating configurations, where one can intimately share a meal or eat with a number of friends or just sit with a cup
of coffee. This concept of promoting engagement and interaction in a relaxed and informal environment, goes to the heart of the basic values of the CROUS.

CNOUS: national organization providing student bursaries, university halls of residence, and student restaurants

CROUS: regional organization providing student bursaries, university halls of residence, and student restaurants 




  • Philippe Piron