Kiosk Le Fenouil, CHU University Hospital, Angers

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Kiosk Le Fenouil, CHU University Hospital, Angers


The very high quality of its landscaping and the many uses made of the outdoor areas of the CHU d’Angers Angers university hospital have led me to propose an artistic project which is rooted in the kiosk's history.

My proposal for the Angers university hospital is structured around living spaces, encounters and activities, spread throughout the outside areas. In my proposal for this order, I had proposed four kiosks and the fennel one was chosen.

Each kiosk took inspiration from the shape of the plant and recalls the seed, bulb, flower and so on.

They are all designed in such a way to be open to be one with the highly landscaped environment and sufficiently closed to feel protected when inside.

They work as breathing spaces, to rest or be active, take stock and quickly connect to life again.

But each one is a response to different situations and contexts.

The point of view

Installed within a landscaped area, the function of the kiosks is to display the diversity of a green area.

Differences in ground level

Some shapes play with certain buildings dominating as well as the steeply sloping site, a feature still under-exploited.

Description of the plant

The kiosks accompany the description of the vegetation work started and enable an artistic dimension to be added to it.

Support for the various treatment stages

Depending on where they are placed, the kiosks invite the public to move around the hospital area and, depending on the activity they suggest, they offer a recreational use which could support, among others, the various stages in treatments given by two departments, EDNand Psychiatric Addictology.

Artistic gesture

The kiosks are devised as benevolent and remarkable sculptures. They may be seen as extensions of the stakes and the working of a hospital in physical, human and symbolic dimensions.

Objects of mediation

The kiosks are also platforms lending themselves to activities to be invented as mediation schemes which will be envisaged in parallel with the intended artistic order from the cultural affairs department in collaboration with the cultural players in the Pays de la Loire.

Debates and various workshops may be organised there and why not exhibitions using the structure as an attraction.






  • Philippe Piron