Aéro végétale, Nelson Mandela school grouping, Rennes

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Aéro végétale, Nelson Mandela school grouping, Rennes


School with playground in forecourt and abutment.

A work that simply superimposes on the existing rhythm while adding a poetic breakaway to it and proposing to sit there.

Two hot air balloons landed right in the middle of the forecourt of the Nelson Mandela school grouping in Rennes.

Its gondola offers the comfort of a circular bench all around for the parents and a circular bench insider near the tree, a space reserved for the children.  The two benches are therefore of two different sizes and colour, of brass colour for the heart and green for the edging.

The wicker basket consisting of a metal braiding makes a separation between the two spaces allows one to sit back-to-back.

Its balloon protects the tree, a little like a miniature greenhouse.  Open enough to let the tree grow and closed enough to be able to reconstruct the balloon shape from one’s imagination.

A wire structure that qualifies the place by offering a generosity and a somewhat enchanted world in this new neighbourhood.



  • Philippe Piron