espace sonirique, galerie Mica

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espace sonirique, galerie Mica


An oxymoron object for galerie mica :  an appointment desk with a flare. A functional desk that abides no fantasy, in a design anchored to the floor, as if it were looking for minimal form.

Echo from the poem of Lautréamont, "the beauty of a chance meeting…," drawing upon the shape of the gramophone’s amplifying cones, alights on the desk like a butterfly.

A wing that builds up life’s memories into a flaring cone that amplifies the incursions into a dreamlike world.  A tiny desk with a flaring flutter around it.

One lies on the other.

Intimacy and resonance live together in the same object.


The cone draws in sounds and visions to create a space of moonlighted thought.


The desk is sheathed in leather.  The corolla is in leather panels tautened over a round brass structure.