effroi domestique, galerie Mica

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effroi domestique, galerie Mica


Since forever, matali crasset has integrated the human aspect – the hand –in her practice.  In her retrospective exhibit in Belgium’s Grand Hornu in 2003, there was even one room dedicated to all those around the hand who materialise designs in projects.

Michaël Chenea, galerie Mica,  has brought together a group of ranking tradesmen in Brittany, in the wood, glass, weaving professions:  silk winder, engraver, mirror maker, gilder, embroiderer, and others.

When matali crasset met Michaël Cheneau in 2011, it prompted the creation of a sequence of objects, projects and experiments:  a collection of objects, both of sound and muted infrasound, the Go Between relay stick, the mirror before me …

The Revelations Show is where all these creations can be displayed along with two new projects born out of two meetings with two tradespeople of excellence, a glass and mirror maker and an embroiderer, Cécile Le Belz.

Domestic fright

An owl has chosen residence in a box.

A box of secrets on the wall, a rounded brass body with the upper part integrating a tapestry with the head of an owl.  Not just any owl, but one that frightens, both sumptuous and mysterious.

An object that combines two materials:  metal and thread, both placed in correspondence to on another, with the tickle of brass and the micro-vibration of the threads and of the colours make up a mini-curiosity cabinet all by itself.

Brass, needle paint (flat stitch for the eyes and overlapping stitch for the rest of the fact), cotton thread.

Embroidering time: 53 hours



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