The Anna Sanders Films screening room, Consortium Museum, Di

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The Anna Sanders Films screening room, Consortium Museum, Di


The Consortium Museum, the consortium's new name, the former modern art centre which has become a museum in Dijon, asked matali crasset to create two permanent areas, a bookshop for its publishing house, the Presses du Réel and a screening room for its production company, Anna Sanders Films.

This screening room is an intimate setting which allows a small number of people to see all the films in the Anna Sanders Films catalogue under the best conditions.

Great care and attention were given to the sound and picture quality, in accordance with Charles de Meaux' specifications. This type of permanent setting is quite rare in an art centre.

When one goes into the room, the name of the production company can be seen, the letter are spread over a series of acoustic panels: A, N, N, A, S, A, N, D, E, R, S, on the left and, on the right F, I, L, M, S.

The room is organised around a small colour range of blue to purple. The public area is in tiers and has eight large low armchairs that can be moved, combined and associated easily. The front of the platform is in concave form to increase a viewing cocoon effect for the first part. 

Acoustic panels were designed on each side of the seating, in railing form, so as to better define the area. These frames are attached to the wall similarly to a door and can be pivoted to form a changeable partition. 

The design of the area plays with a unique form used vertically for the acoustic panels and horizontally for the base and the suspended acoustic panel. 

It can also be used to display items and to look at magazines and documents the rest of the time.



  • Philippe Piron