Hippomedia, Atelier Luma, Arles

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Hippomedia, Atelier Luma, Arles


From the Le Blé en Herbeschool to the Mumo mobile museum, from the Frac Champagne-Ardenne capsule to the Saulemusical tower and the Hooppiesfor the Pompidou Centre, matali crasset has placed the issues of transmission, pedagogy and mobility at the heart of her work.

The Hippomediaproject created for  Atelier Luma

is part of the circular education project and takes place in this galaxy of mobile structures adding brand new dimensions: 

"Soft" mobility with two draft horses:

The horse and its sympathetic capital in Camargue, establishing a very strong contact.

A social dimension already in the project execution.

The project was thus executed with: Actus, Association des Chevaux de Traits d’Union Sociale, a social structure for professional integration based in Tarascon around draft horses. 

Since 2012, Actus was the first urban professional integration worksite in the South of France. 

Databitme, a festival created by David Lepolard and T'ES IN T'ES BAt.

And the Luma workshop that invited matali crasset to materialise this new typology of mobile space with the will to spread it around Arles.

Hippomedia is inspired from the rhythms of a mobile circus structure.  Its highly contrasted strips of violet and yellow are seen from far off.  Seeing it arrive in a village creates enthusiasm and a break from daily routine, amplified by the presence of the horses.  The animals create immediate contact and curiosity in the public making mediation easier.

Once on site, Hippomedia is deployed very easily and quickly, because it is a part of the walls that pivot out on all sides, opening the structure and consisting of public reception structures.

Once opened, the platform offers four distinct spaces:

A reception space in front for coffee and to present the activities (the top of the front part becomes an awning) 

Two side spaces for shops with tables and benches for up to 30 people

A miniature stage in the back for small performances once the ramp is deployed

The inside of the structure is for storage and organising the mobility, especially with a counter placed in from but which can be used as seats with two side benches;

In the Actus workshops, Hippomedia used an existing platform with the integration employees who, for the first time, could participate in developing a creation. 

It uses simple resources – wood and metal – and local know-how, like the reed roof made by one of the bleeder artisans of Camargue.

Hippomedia has a contemporary form that takes on local references:  The shape of the roof (straight on one side and rounded on the other) refers to the shape of the typical guardians’ houses of Carmague.

This rounded part that forms an awning magnifies the mini-scene placed in the back.

Unveiled on the occasion of the Databit.me festival, Hippomedia offers mini-shops for awareness and creation around digital tools.





  • Jean-Baptiste Marcant, Luma Arles