Twist la vie pour Tex / temps 4, Carrefour

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Twist la vie pour Tex / temps 4, Carrefour


This new collection for Tex is organised around a transverse graphic sign:  It’s a curve enticing us to step to the side, ramify into a rib and set up in a hexagon in infinite combinations. Used alone, it becomes a sheet developed over a broad surface it becomes a carpet of leaves or an imaginary mapping.

The joyful universe of matali crasset refers to the vegetation that awakens and to the power of nature in the spring.  The designer invites us to remain active and incites us render our dynamic interior.

For this fourth highlight, matali crasset fills out her collection with objects for the home and kitchen, with cushions, plaids, kitchen linen, aprons, oven gloves, tablecloths, table napkins, etc.

Two wander objects complement the textile collection:  a universal chair cushion and cushion for tablets. 



  • Julien Jouanjus