Twist la vie pour Tex / temps 2, Carrefour

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Twist la vie pour Tex / temps 2, Carrefour


TEX, the textile label of Carrefour, is giving matali crasset free rein. From March to December 2017, the French designer is creating a series of objects presented as ve highlights to bring out the seasons.

matali crasset has always been sensitive to her projects’ accessibility in terms of utility and price. This is now an opportunity for her to re-assert her values in common accord with the TEX teams.

Asserting that it’s time to show one’s optimism, the collection’s leitmotiv is «twist life» to o set the “sad life” of before. The collection proposes a joyful approach to life, inviting all to share, meet, and express themselves through the generous tints of at colours. 

Second highlight, the collection around the beach offers some ten pieces for the summer, adult and children’s bath towels and beach bags.

Starting from the same graphic module as for spring, this summer highlight o ers a suspended moment for the holidays.

The ramification becomes a backbone designed from the beach bag to the bathing towels, while a graphic system gene- rates a special universe daring contract, vibrations up to kinetic effects. 



  • Julien Carreyn