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Mumo 2


Initiated in 2011 under the impetus of Ingrid Brochard, MuMo is a mobile contemporary art museum directed at children.

This year, MuMo is duplicated to pursue its educational artistic and cultural mission nationwide, especially in rural and suburban areas.

Imagined by designer matali crasset as an open place of sharing on its environment, the new version of the MuMo shelters a modular show space and a projection room for broadcasting the collections of the "Regional contemporary art funds” (“Frac”).

The first exhibition “exquis” is co-curated by 3 FRAC, Frac Ile de France, Frac Normandie Caen & Frac Normandie Rouen.

Mumo 2 is a lorry that arrives in a village and brings an altered reality to it like a circus. Like a bird on parade, the lorry body is doubled horizontally, the torso swells up and it deploys its wings to either side at the same time, thereby creating an interface for a gesture of welcome and hospitality and inviting the public to remain around it, protected under its wings.

So the lorry is first of all seen as a friendly space to share. These red shelters on the one side, equipped with tables and benches, invite you to have a sit and gather for some moments of friendliness. They also welcome workshops. On the other side, the same wings unveil small show spaces dedicated to the children’s accomplishments after their visit.

The inside is visible from the outside through a large glass opening where artists’ videos can be projected, and a bay window to view works on show inside.

The inner space is accessed from the back of the lorry. The 40 m2 space is of dominant white, but the presence of wood warms it. It is organised in two parts: The first, for showing, is structured around a birch-wood frame that deploys like the bird’s rib cage. Supports have been imagined on the vertical walls on the theme of the cabinet of curiosities, to show paintings, drawings and photos of all formats. The vertical risers are equipped with sliding wooden adjustable hangers for pinching and carrying the various presentation supports.

In the centre, there is a long platform – also in wood – for sculptures and books. This has lecterns and drawers of design inspired by the workbench, meant to stow and take out the smaller books as the heart desires.

At the end of this piece, a book end holds art works and artists’ books.

The second part of the interior space serves as a small auditorium. Recognisable by its red colour, it is dedicated to projecting artists’ videos and/or showing more voluminous installations.

So MuMo 2 was imagined by matali crasset to be an inhabited, friendly place open to the world, offering visitors the possibility of having a more intimate approach to contemporary art and is as much a social as an aesthetic experience.



  • Philippe Piron