L'atelier de l'île, Mucem, Marseille

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L'atelier de l'île, Mucem, Marseille


I like working on spaces that evolve – that’s one of the features of my approach.  I especially liked to materialise this workshop space, endowing it with a singular character thanks to:

  • a system of four platforms and mobile bleachers that deploy, complement each other and combine;
  • a graphic set taken from the nautical alphabet to reinforce its personality and playful aspect.  It is applied to work surfaces and is accompanied by a set of pennants that flutter at a height over a more occasional personalisation bearing structure that allows a setup of textile planes, of paper to invent, such as for example a circus performance, a mini-theatre, a puppet theatre, etc.

These platforms for Mucem  are miniature stages that form bleachers if the space is transformed into an auditorium.

During the “motor” activities, these platforms are arranged along the wall, where one can put one’s things or sit down to look.  A vast space in the centre is for carpets around the central post surrounded by the same material for greater safety in movements.

For the plastic activities times or other activities that call for setting up at a table, the platforms are configured in a big guest table.  The upper level of the bleachers is at a table height of 70 cm, while the lower level is at 40 cm like a chair.  The structure is then complemented with folding chairs on the side where there is no integrated bench.

For the very large workshops, a surface is placed between two stages to form a guest table of 18 seats, making a total of 36 seats.

These additional surfaces are stowed vertically in the back of the room in front of the rolled-up flexible floor, so they are always available and give the room its festive character.

The system is complemented by a small mobile control room for the leader to sit anywhere with his computer.  It carries a projector, and a second technical cart carries a screen.

Because of the versatility and number (four) of the structure, the space can offer concurrent activities.

Since the structures are on wheels, the space is very quick to prepare and convert.  The leaders can easily invent a space as they go along, in relation with their universes, for more specific activities.

The leaders therefor have a true space appropriation tool.

All the consumables and equipment are stowed in an ancillary room.

Example of possible configurations:  sports space/small workshop (the very small ones can use the lower level of the bleachers to create, it’s their size)/general auditorium in the form of a projection, mini-auditorium around the screen, simple workshop (18 seats), double workshop (36 seats), puppet 



  • Philippe Piron