HI beach, Nice

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HI beach, Nice


The HI hotel takes over the Forum beach with a new concept designed by matali crasset called HI beach located on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice.

When HI takes over a beach....
Five years after the opening of Hi Hotel, a hotel based a convivial and legible, soft approach of contemporary luxury, Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chapelet once again teamed up with matali crasset to create HI beach, an innovative concept that reconciles the simplicity of the pleasures of the beach and the seaside.

As they did for the Hi hotel, the trio has developed a new logic of spaces, a beach where each of us will find their own rhythm and well being.
During the day, Hi beach is a complete balneal space which offers high standard services on an exceptional site.

In the evening, between 6.00 and 9.00 pm Hi beach proposes festive aperitifs with a wide selection of music from world music to jazz, for relaxing and social moments.
With Hi beach, the beach will become a way of living, simple and cordial between the sea and the city.

Resolutely contemporary, this new place takes also into account the local specificities of the town of Nice.
And to follow the HI hotel example who has acquired the Green Globe label, the Hi beach will prove its attachment to ecological values with concrete actions: mostly organic products for the restaurant, solar showers, ecological cleaning products, recycle bins on the beach, selective refuse of paper, recycling of materials...

Three spaces, three moments of life

HI beach proposes interiors or protected spaces in free access that will allow people to share time with each other: a bar, a restaurant a communal area to relax with a large screen lcd television, books, magazines, newspapers, computers.
HI beach will have three beach areas and three ways of rediscovering the enjoyment of the beach.

The spaces are conceived to respond to different rhythms: spend an all day family moment or just for a quick coffee break, either alone or with friends...HI beach will adapt to everyone's wishes and will introduce an online reservation service, that does not exist anywhere else, where people can reserve their deck chairs on line. 

HI enrergy

This active area open on the bar and beach is dedicated to the beach activities and exchange.

All is conceived for a dynamic approach and with a motto ‘living together’ at the beach. Spending a day at the beach doesn’t mean lying motionless on a deck chair because the beach is a collective area and the different communal spaces will entice that.
The communal lounge seating with wooden sofas and integrated tables were designed to encou- rage having a drink with friends, play, discuss, exchange ...The comfortable traditional deck-chairs will allow true relaxing moments. In this active area people will be able to chose either a brief moment if they are just passing by and want to take a break from their busy day or stretch at will for those who wish to enjoy different activities all day long.

HI relax :

This area is an invitation for well being and relaxation

Partly protected by a green cover, circled by wood and plants, in a calm and intimate atmosphere, Hi relax is an invitation to a change of scenery.The mattresses are particularly relaxing and are sanctuaries and favour moments of calmness. Menu of the day: napping, reading and dreaming. For those who wish even more privacy and sweet torpor, a few hammocks are hanged above a grass made floor and a massage area is installed in a bamboo islet. An area created for a complete relaxa- tion experience. Not far away is a small path that leads you the HI_body area, dedicated to massa- ges and yoga.

HI play :

This area is for the families and dedicated to children with activities available.

Families can enjoy the mattresses with sun roof protection especially designed by matali and that are directly set on the pebbles.
With a simple and light tent system, everyone can adapt their mattresses to have more shadow or sun and be a reminder of the joys of camping. Three family houses with anti radiation textile will protect families with babies and their parents. This space also has playing areas as well a sand pit and a waterbed.

A large communal table is available at the restaurant, to share, exchange, discuss, play, picnic... and enjoy the pleasures of the beach together.
The whole beach has wireless connexion. A musical atmosphere will evolve through the day, and is programmed by fcommunications and broadcasted on the HIradio.

Seaside activities with: diving masks, snorkels, rubber rings, balls.... 



  • Jérome Spriet
  • Hugues Lagarde
  • Odile Pascal
  • Lionel Bouffier