Root'n‘ books, MAK

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Root'n‘ books, MAK


The new Nomadic lifestyle is identified by physical, digital and mental mobility. Moreover, from a technological standpoint, we can observe the emergence of a planetary computer founded on the interdependence of all our computers, assembling deliberate data and resources.

We move about more and more, the home loses its identity, and we are quite often obliged to create abodes in several different places.

The project proposes to create a new place to alight, with a specific interface for personal recollection. When travelling it’s solely digital, whereas at home we can make it tangible.

A tree-like creation blossoms from a trunk base whereupon personal souvenirs can be hung, allowing us to recreate our past chronicles, to organize family mementos, so fundamental to shape a home. It’s not merely about nostalgia but also an invitation to daydream. Being stretched out under the tree, allowing our memory to metamorphose into the imaginary, enabling us to invent and to move forward.

When travelling, all this is digital whereas at home we can make it tangible.

More than a home: a living area allowing us to give a fresh meaning to life.

An area to reminisce, to reasonably appraise, to have a self-representation. 

An area to be critical and help visualize the society.

As Cornelius Castoriadis said: we are confronted by a society in which all the values and norms are gradually replaced by the “standard of living”, exhilaration, comfort and consumerism. 

Root 'n' books was produced by MAK for the exhibition Nomadic furniture.



  • MAK Exhibition View, 2013, NOMADIC FURNITURE 3.0. New Liberated Living?, © MAK/Katrin Wißkirchen