Double size, Danese Milano

Double size, Danese Milano


This concept, so well conveyed in Double Size seat designed for Danese in 2011, is extended to a new piece of furniture. Double Size is multifunctional and original.
It is a convertible table that adjusts to the surrounding environment and its needs, opening and closing up to meet domestic or work requirements.
It appears to be a classic table with a separating side panel but it can turn into a wide work surface. The side panel lateral to the table, in fact, pivoting on itself can be flattened out and becomes part of the main top. The lower part of the dividing panel (near the legs) that unfolds can rotate by 90° on its vertical axis to support the surface when it is lowered so that the latter can be stable, functional and reliable.
Due to manufacturing efficiency, different functionalities are allowed. The product is easy and intuitive to adjust according to need.
It differs from classic stretchable or flap tables, offering enhancing functionalities and flexibility to our contemporary life.
Versatility stems from the possibility to blend together different features usually typical of separate furnishing elements and not only from a pure archetype revision.
According to needs, you can open Double Size up and host more people or ensure privacy by using the panel as a separating element.
The hexagonal shape of the convertible top, when in vertical position, ensures privacy but does not completely block out the user’s sight. When the panel is down and becomes part of the surface, a lot of space is available and conversation is encouraged.
In working environments, this solution allows for better space utilization. The user can configure individual or shared work positions according to activity.
This is an ideal answer to domestic space needs, which are increasingly reduced because the boundaries between private and work lives often overlap. Space is not invaded, though. It is enriched.
Double Size induces to initiative and offers a wide range of opportunities. Products such as Double Size can impact life styles. The user, whose open mindedness is stimulated, can use space creatively and add personalization according to preference. 



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