L'île aux trésors (Treasure Island), Mucem, Marseille

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L'île aux trésors (Treasure Island), Mucem, Marseille


These mediation space for the Mucem in Marseille is in relation with the exhibotion “Connectivités” at galerie de la Méditerannée.

The project’s intentions are to propose both a space addressed to children with a strong identity and to extend the very specific architecture of the site.

We first discover a long corridor that leads to the space, with the presence of a giant squid.  Asserting an aquatic universe, it seems to float on the glasses.

The development project plays with the four pillars that have a very much broadened upper part.  By integrating them in the narration, they thus become the vaults of an underground aquatic gallery.

The structures for sitting down quite naturally evoke boats:  The small boats in a grotto universe with monsters present on each side, giant squids that give the place unity by edging it.

Boats and an island in the middle

At the height of the children, boats offer a certain informality in the seating postures.

When the children enter the space, they go first to the largest boat where they are welcomed.

A tablet then guides them as to how to use the place and the various systems in the form of continuous scenarios.

They begin by a collective creation of the island with a thousand ports on a vertical magnetic surface close to the entrance.  A boat lets them bring together all the pieces for the creation.

When they return, the children are invited to discover the exhibition.  They take places around a map of the Mediterranean to pool their experiences and treasures.  They fill out the map by giving it relief with elements made available in a dedicated boat, while interacting with the tablet like a dashboard bringing together all their discoveries.  At the same time, a map screen displays all the modifications.

Other boats are dispersed in the space to invite the children to sit and read on red cushions.  The smallest of them – from one to three years old – have a platform for playing near a parent sitting next to them, above the playing area.

Lastly, the furnishings proposes a calm space on a flexible platform while waiting for the path to be printed to keep it as a souvenir.

With a simplicity that leaves room for the imagination, the boats in birch plywood have just flats of colour to warm the concrete.



  • Philippe Piron