eyes, Fabbian

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eyes, Fabbian


eyes is the second light collection designed by matali crasset for Fabbian.

What could be more simple than a glass ball ? How can you give intensity to such an essential profile ? I took inspiration from these questions in order to create a shape of lighting diffusers, and with three spots hollowed out inside the sphere was able to obtain the two different light intensities I was looking for. The Eyes lamp, similar to an amplifier, spreads a clear, bright energy throught the fundamental glass element, diffusing light in every environment. In this particular lamp collection, the simplicity of the sphere meets the technical essence of the design, and recreates ribbed conical cones inside the grooves, to become an object that conveys character to any environment.

The Eyes collection is made of a pendant light, a ceiling lamp and a table lamp for indoor rooms. Available in two colour variations : transparent and white frosted glass. The enregy voltage is suitable for fluorescent bulbs.



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