Another of logic…, Rabih Hage gallery

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Another of logic…, Rabih Hage gallery


“The object isn’t the central focus of the creative process, neither the final product. It’s one possibility amongst many, chosen at a decisive moment within a greater system of thought and ideas – a system which I leave behind and from which I develop a new kind of logic.” matali crasset

This philosophy underlies the new work commissioned by Rabih Hage, which will be exhibited at the Rabih Hage Gallery, Chelsea, London, 13thNovember – 20th December 2008.  ‘There is a system of ritual involved with objects’, she says. ‘Why we make them is one point of view, how we use them is another. I’m interested in the way people interact with the objects they surround themselves with. I’m also interested in how objects will adapt and change to reflect the changes in human behaviour.’

Rabih Hage has invited the ‘Clandestin de Paris’ to perform at the Private View.  ‘Clandestin de Paris’ is a group of ‘theatrical chefs’ who have worked with crasset’s installations previously. Their ‘cookery performance’ will demonstrate the differences in people’s roles within food preparation.

The second piece is entitled Spring City and explores the climate change and extensions of cities as well as the relationship between the man and his environment.

This large light and video installation illustrates her unique expression of an organic cityscape. She wanted to create a work which shows how one environment is influenced by another such as with global warming.



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