Devant moi, galerie Mica

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Devant moi, galerie Mica


Machines and hands are often in opposition - this mirror is an object that combines and questions the merging of these two know-hows: industrial craftsmanship and traditional handicraft.

The drawing is based on a graphic and geometrical distraction starting with two polygons: a square and a pentagon which criss-cross and intertwine creating a framework inspired from the morphogenesis of rhizomes or microprocessor cards.

The connection between the mirror’s silvering and the gold opacity creates depths and intriguing light diversions. The precision of digital die-cutting offers a subtle game with the gold leaf additions done by hand. The pentagon is also a shape related to the golden ratio, a key to the world which this mirror reflects?

An object that penetrates into space and which penetrates us by this graphic focal point, suggesting an agreement or questioning: where are we?





  • courtesy galerie Mica