assis, debout, couché, Lieu unique, Nantes

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assis, debout, couché, Lieu unique, Nantes


In answer to the 3 summons (in English) SIT DOWN! STAND UP! LIE DOWN!, matali crasset imagined for Le Lieu Unique a unique module allowing to move from one position to another.

Referred to as “Life Particles”, this project will generate something on which a person can lie down, sit down or comfortably stand up, and which will be part of a general ambiance.

The defining feature of this system is to simultaneously be a piece of furniture, part of a stage design and a light addition:

”Imagine that pixels are all around us and that this pixel is a pleasure pixel that we’ll place on the ground to lie on or that we can place on something else, at a certain height, so we can sit down. At the same time, it will remain floating all around us, ensuring a perfect unity of place. It’s like an element which surrounds and protects the spectator...” matali crasset 

This project was carried out within the framework of a workshop closely alongside with students from the Nantes Design School.




  • Martin Argyrolo