Vino sospeso, Cité du Vin, Bordeaux

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Vino sospeso, Cité du Vin, Bordeaux


A wine that is free has to be enjoyed freely, without artifice.  It is defenseless in the middle of the environment that gave it life.

The glass is a complicit material that lets the wine show its color and gives it a form for sniffing it before tasting – but a glass without a foot, because the wine is suspended to take in the oxygen from the air.

A glass that humbles us: we take a little wine by cupping the ball of the glass in our hand.

Without a foot, the glass fits perfectly in the palm and we instinctively find an ancestral gesture of bringing a liquid delicately to our mouth.

Then we release it and whirl it in space, a simple gesture to prepare us for the ritual of tasting nature’s generosity.

We find this humility in a form that is not decorative.  It is simply a form that serves this ritual.

A glass simple enough to be made by the young glass-makers of the CIAV of Meisenthal.

Like winemakers who decide to make biodynamic wine, glassmakers take risks.

You invest ten years of your life to come out with an exceptional piece of glass.

Like winemakers, glassmakers know they are doing the right thing – a job that gives as much as it takes, that demands listening, and that gives access to another dimension of life.

A project that has become an adventure – a collaborative effort between a winemaker, Stéphane Derenoncourt, from the Domaine de l'A , a design, a glass structure, from the CIAV  (International glassworks centre) glassblower apprentices working around Yann Grienenberger, a film director  Jérome de Gerlache , curator Bettina Tschumi from the la cité du vin (winetown) stand, all in unison to give us a voice and hope.

A project where structures on a human scale reassert common values,

A whiff of life committed to sharing.



  • Pascal Boudet