Unlimited hutong, Beijing Design Week, Beijing

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Unlimited hutong, Beijing Design Week, Beijing


Renovation of the  CHA’ ER HUTONG IN DASHILAR.

THE UNLIMITED HUTONG is composed by two houses connected together, crossing them allows to go from one street to the other.

The  project consists in an open house for the community living in Dashilar  with 3 different complementary poles. :

1. Dedicated spaces for kids and parents to experiment with creative activities : play with water, construction… and an long indoor playground designed as a footbridge forest.

2. An open space to socialized inside with two squares and outside on the roof terrace,

3. A residency for young designers which are invited to stay live with the community and offer animations, activity for the young’s and parents.

The goal of the intervention is to renovate the houses by integrating a specific living logic open to the community.

The main goal is to infuse the creativity in the daily life.

The project keeps the specific organization of the two connected houses and the transformation relies on 5  mains interventions :

  • emphasizing the fluidity of the crossing by adding a second and wider way just nearby the existing corridor
  • dedicating the corridor to a real experience and transforming it in crossing indoor playground : forest footbridge
  • opening two squares to be able to be gathered in small groups
  • addition of a roof terrace in the center and all around a winter garden.
  • Addition of a living platform for de designer residency nearby the four bedroom created in the existing structure.


The project is called Unlimited Hutong :

Unlimited because the first perception of the project is an indoor passage connected with different dedicated spaces. (in horizontal)

Unlimited because the project push also the limits up to the sky by adding the roof terrace surrounded by green houses.(in vertical)

Unlimited by the generosity given to the kids to experiment the space with the forest footbridge and the creative activities.

Unlimited because the indoor residency of designers allows to invent an infinity of possibilities to bring life, creativity, occasions of sharing in the space.




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