Toustem, Paris

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Toustem, Paris


Hélène Darroze, the chef from the South-West of France, fell in love at first sight with this setting, where the 13th-century stone walls and half-timbering recall the farmhouses of the Landes and inns of the Basque country. Three rooms, of which two are situated below ground, allow her to welcome 60 or so dining guests.

To bring this restaurant back to life, Hélène Darroze called on matali crasset, the artistic director of the whole project, and the architect Laurent Moreau. The mood is created even before you enter the restaurant, where the facade harbours bright and luminous colours: the orange and green that are emblematic of this chef’s world.

matali crasset thought it a good idea to claim the space through the floor: an orange resin has been poured over it, seeming to splash in its wake over furniture, doors, plinths and even the plates! The restaurant’s character is far from being constrained and the concept can express itself at will. In the cellar room, a false ceiling of stretched fabric covers the raw stone and breaks with the rustic and almost austere character of the place. The atmosphere is lightened, the room is illuminated and transformed. The very contemporary white furniture answers the sombre beams.

Finally, Hélène Darroze had fun by sliding very personal touches into the decoration: an impressive bright pink light covering at the entrance, a dark wood counter and high stools that are perfect for enjoying tapas and cocktails, and a massive spit on which pork and poultry are roasted, one after the other... 



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