Cerise Kalamata, Confiture Parisienne

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Cerise Kalamata, Confiture Parisienne


I met Frédérick e. Grasser-Hermé around 2004 in a French hypermarket in Shanghai. With next to nothing, she managed to delight the taste buds of an entire electronic music festival: F2004@shanghai.

We have since grown along together. Whether it was about the interior design of her apartment, or that of the HI Hotel, the HI Matic or the Dar HI, her advice has always been precious.

Fegh is the ultimate cook, whose skills, as well as technical and historical knowledge are peerless.

A connivance developed between us around tastes and colours.

She has thus made me join Nadège and Laura for this women jam.

I have tried to transpose in this jar the brilliance of her recipe, a daring blend of cherry and olive. Red and green cohabit and merge harmoniously, as the former do in the palate. We are so impressed that we still wonder how this jam has never been the companion of our tables before. A blend of tradition and contemporaneity. 



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