TDM6 La Sindrome dell’Influenza, Triennale Design Museum, Milan

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TDM6 La Sindrome dell’Influenza, Triennale Design Museum, Milan


A symbolic space for Danese’s vision in the form of a ritual of reconfiguration. Human presences, essential in their expression and connection, occupy the space. 

A paper strip draws the shape of the human contours and is illuminated from the inside.

A representation of man, of life expressed by the light that comes  from within and it’s environment.

A still images of a moment made from a repeated metaphor that, from time to time, evokes men, cohabitation between them and habitat on a human scale.

The small amount of material shows the essential, and finds the meaning of his actions.

Bring mankind to the center, its scale and its nature as the key to find balances and interactions within human and natural systems.

Not just simply managing technology, but also using all of its potential and our creativity to meet the challenges of today’s society.

The project was born from the intersections of social innovation, technology and new design practices for responsible development.