Les jouets en bois suédois, les arts décoratifs, Paris

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Les jouets en bois suédois, les arts décoratifs, Paris



The stage design of the exhibit “Les objets en bois suédois (Swedish Wooden Toys)” at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris proposes a whole new world to present and acclaim this collection of Swedish wooden toys.  The special feature in this world is solely created with the shape of a tube, symbolizing a tree trunk.

When these tubes are all placed together, they make us think of a tree, a cloud, a house … objects creating contextual elements to collectively interpret the toys and which explain the theme chosen to have them grouped together. 

This association of tubes creates a unique and distinct graphic language used in line with the 3D volumes. It’s present on the showcases, on the various signs but also between each display case to wholly enrapture this area.

The display cases are all placed on green bases, a common base for different landscapes and additional backdrop to the wood which is the main colour of the toys.

Tubuland is also an area for digital experiments for children who are invited to continue in the exhibit centre within the multimedia room. By creating their own organisation of tubes, they create new elements within this world. The world will therefore continue growing throughout the whole exhibit.

Thus they all participate together to create a unique world. The constraint of building with only one shape allows us to step back from reality and invites in our imagination.”




  • Luc Boegly, les arts décoratifs, Paris