La chaise de campagne, Vent des Forêts

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La chaise de campagne, Vent des Forêts


I met the turner Philipe Huet in 2013 through Vent des Forêts.  At the time, we made a series of wooden objects for houses in the woods:  bowl, sycamore maple wood plate and sycamore and walnut maple cutting boards, with the intention of showing the territory.

The whole "Into the Woods" project was presented at the Granville gallery in the fall of 2015.

I like to go to his workshop because it is a very special place. It is loaded full, because he is a man who is part of his work - committed – and time seems to come to a standstill.

We discover pieces of wood, collected lathed pieces where deposited dust and chips form an unreal, soft vernacular. The wood coexists with the mills (machine tools) of all kinds in total serenity. I love Philippe's passion, his thousand stories about wood.

When I left home the last time, I saw a carcass of a chair, and came up with the idea that it could be the subject of a future collaboration between us, to anchor his know-how even more but also to continue the collection. I have tried to make a chair that looks like him, not a chair for the city but for the country – a sturdy chair that has its own generosity and personality. It is an alliance of a strong, safe structure one can count on, and a delicacy of being in the world.

This collaboration is a way to pay tribute to the trade of the carpenter and turner that Philippe embraced after his father, who has just left us.  The chair was made entirely in the Meuse department out of local woods, hornbeam, sycamore maple, ash, walnut and the hands of one man.  Each chair is made of a different essence. The only color is a stitched red, purple…




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