Twin, Campeggi

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Twin, Campeggi


The question of hospitality has always been at the centre of my reflections for  Campeggi, always proposing new typologies of furniture.

The project is inspired by a typical element of medieval architecture: the coussiège, which is a bench set up in 

the recess of a window, window seat; the wide bays of castles are sometimes flanked by two benches facing each other, placed in the window embrasure which allow natural light to read, observe or carry out small manual work. This element of architecture has always interested me because it proposes a singular 

way of inhabiting space and inhabiting the window.


The project consists of two very graphic structures in coloured metal - monochrome orange - and two mattresses and poufs with the same design as the structure but created by the seams. Placed vertically, they form the structure of two independent seats. Placed horizontally, these elements form a double bed with two bedside tables.





  • Ezio Prandini, Campeggi