Mini M, Crous, Toulouse

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Mini M, Crous, Toulouse


A social neighbourhood grocery shop. The grocery shop project for Toulouse University is part of a larger initiative to rebrand the student food services available within university environments in France. This initiative
has been undertaken by the CROUS, and the new services have been designed by matali crasset, alongside the graphic design agency Praline, assisted by Dominique Serrell from Terres Nuages as project manager.

The research undertaken by this initiative gave rise to two concepts:

– The Mini R where you can go eat
– The Mini M to buy food

The Mini M Mini is the local small-scale grocery, providing a convenient service in student campuses which are located far from city-centers or shopping centers.  

It boasts a wide selection of food products – fresh fruit, cooked meals, dinners to-go, canned foods, hygiene items, etc ... The design of the Mini M stands out in contrast with the surrounding student housing architecture: colors radiate outwards, and the bold identity commands attention.

The Mini M borrows from the visual language of two of the Mini R restaurant concepts: MINI R Global for the grocery and MINI R Vital for the fresh market.

The interior of the Mini M is blue and white with octagonal shapes decorating and defining the food and shelving areas, making the whole accessible, warm and contemporary. The design of the small season market references the visual language of a tree, with rounded arches creating a brown pergola, lending it a welcoming feeling and creating a hub at the centre of the Mini M. The Mini M is the new vibrant and positive centre within the heart of the student campus.

CNOUS: national organization providing student bursaries, university halls of residence, and student restaurants

CROUS: regional organization providing student bursaries, university halls of residence, and student restaurants 



  • Philippe Piron