IKEA PS 2017 light

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IKEA PS 2017 light


This object is inspired by the railway lamps. These objects were the beginning of industrialization and the arrival of the railways which prefigured the mobility of today. It is not a nostalgic object as it keeps this reference only in the outline and invites us to take advantage of the object's service

I’ve always been interested in different types of transport and been fascinated by how magical it must have been when we got light indoors. So it’s maybe not surprising that I was inspired by old railway lights when I created the LED multi-use light in the IKEA PS 2017 collection. It’s a lamp that you can move around and hang or place it where you need light. Basically, it’s a product with timeless functionality in a modern shell.

I like the way it offers the domestication of the LED source which is rather cold and efficient. It’s presented here with an interface that allows us to grasp it. It's also a bit as if we tried to use the minimum amount of material by hollowing it, the LED lights allow us to consume less, the body of the object is in harmony.

It is a product that allows ownership, it moves and is placed where needed. It’s an humble object and helpful at the same time. It can be set, hung… always close, we find this complicity with an object whose function is timeless but whose presence is updated .



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