The dynamic lines of our nest, National Museum of Singapore

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The dynamic lines of our nest, National Museum of Singapore


These installation at National Museum of Singapore is part of the exhibition “The more we get tohgether : Singapore's playgrounds 1930-2030”.

The starting point of the project is a visual effect called « moiré » which is obtained by the use of different layers of stripes. 
Three levels of concentric stripes are hung from a metallic ring attached to the top of the rotunda
and are gathering in the center at three different levels around a vertical stick.
The reference I got in mind to materialized the central support is the pin of Norfolk (araucaria heterophylla). 
This tree is natural but in the same time as graphic as something artificial. 
By entering the rotunda, the installation is surprising by it size even if it’s only made with stripes.
The visual effect is visible first when you turn around the installation, only by walking. 
The visual effect is obtained at that place by a play with parallel stripes

The installation is also inviting to stay longer, to seat under the tree on long chairs and appreciate the setting with a l .
To get an other the « moiré effect », the center of the second layer is turning thanks to a handle place near the trunk of the tree, in order to make the stripes move. The graphic effect obtain ,in this case, by changing the angle of the stripes of one layer.
It will be a perfect place to lay down with a baby and slowly make the second layer moving as a place for kind’s awareness.

It’s a installation which is also an invitation to be surprise,
to stay and feel the space,
to stay and relax 



  • National Museum of Singapore / matali crasset