58ème salon de Montrouge

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58ème salon de Montrouge


This is the fifth consecutive year that Stéphane Corréard has invited matali crasset to be the layout director for the Salon de montrouge, to invent a space containing independent exhibit areas.  Using a genuinely interchangeable design, each artist can take advantage of perfect and unique exhibit conditions within the framework of a group exhibition, which is moreover taking place in a totally renovated facilities, reopened to the public since the 2012 Montrouge Modern Art Fair Edition: Le Beffroi.

Built like a French garden, the setting for this 58th Montrouge Fair designed by matali crasset allows each of the artists chosen to boast individual exhibition modules adapted to their specific art whether they are video-makers, sculptors, painters...

This proposition therefore boasts over 70 individual exhibition areas, around several black-coloured axes marked on the ground which visitors stroll around like in a garden, punctuated by alleys and crossroads. The vertical layout is given by green dividers, set out like trees along the picture rails and on which are pasted information regarding each artist. Since the layout has been organized like a walk, matali crasset placed a series of benches, set out between the picture rails, allowing visitors to sit down during their wandering.  



  • Fabrice Gousset