we trust in wood, Vent des Forêts

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we trust in wood, Vent des Forêts


The collection We trust in wood is a set of common objects and small wooden furniture created by designer matali crasset for  Vent des Forêts.

We trust in wood is based on craft skills and local resources, and is part of a slow design approach with perennial and contemporary objects, like many of matali crasset's other projects.

The first collection consists of three containers that fit together and compose the tableware of the Maisons Sylvestres (feral house) in Vent des Forêts.

How it’s made

This tableware is made of sycamore by Philippe Huet, a local artisan who uses the part of the wood that provides sufficient rigidity and resistance to humidity. It has all the qualities of wood. It is not fragile, it acquires a patina and does not break. It is not washed in the dishwasher, but wiped, and maintained with oil for firts use.


Vent des Forêts is a place of artistic creation, of walk, of daydream and forestry, in the heart of the Meuse in north-eastern France. An initiative of six agricultural villages, this human project invites artists to produce their work in direct contact with the territory.

The visitors at Vent des Forets can also make a stop in the Maisons Sylvestres, An atypical accommodation designed by matali crasset for resting, watching bird and game, rediscovering the woods that inspired the collection We trust in Wood.

Working with Vent des Forêts since 2009, matali crasset is a French designer who deals with shapes like experimentation pretext. From a reflection on the codes that govern everyday life, her work is organized around principles such as modularity, appropriation, flexibility and network. She explores eclectic worlds and is now involved in (instead of always, i think u should write increasingly or exclusively) more participative projects, locally and globally, in rural and urban areas, such as Dar Hi, Tunisia, her collaborations with Mica Gallery and a team of craftsmen in Brittany or the glass-maker Vincent Breed.

The collection is available on Crowdy House.




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