Un espace énergique, Berthelot by

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Un espace énergique, Berthelot by


Bathroom space has remained too long bottled within its sanitized codes, only recently liberated this decade from these preconceived ideas, perhaps thanks to the emancipation movement showered by hotels. Private individuals were just waiting to be given the means and it’s a done deal with Berthelot by.

Indeed bathrooms remain a challenging world to renovate and install as several trade professionals are required with whom good-timing is key. Loïc Berthelot, a plumber, understood all this and has unceasingly pursued improving processes without worrying about resorting to technology to overcome this complexity.

Berthelot boasts many years of experience allowing him to, among other things, easily install over two hundred bathrooms a month, proposing affordable and precise quotes. Now he can move on to a new phase – that of advising individual universes which aren’t even that more expensive to install as in general he offers to change the whole bathroom – from floor to ceiling.

When I met Loïc Berthelot for the first time, I was surprised by how obvious his idea was. Just a young entrepreneur who presents himself as a plumber, who has clear intentions and who gives himself the means to slowly build his economic model for everyone’s benefit. I suggested four different ideas and he decided to develop all of them. We totally agree on this idea of inspiring diversity, making the bathroom a real living area.

The result of our joint venture is 4 affordable concepts broken down into 4 sizes: XS, S, M, and XL, fully adjustable to suit every person’s available space. 

Un espace énergique 

The area is designed around two symmetrical and complementary elements: the deep grey of concrete matter and the yellow beaming from the flat tinted walls of this same colour. This specific grey is synonymous with textured concrete which boasts both a certain contemporaneity and infinitude within an area which is based on contrasts, balancing between these two textures. The textured concrete unveils its original casing marks whereas the flat yellow tint generates vitality. A place for those who feel in sync with their time.