Le temps de la communauté, Campeggi

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Le temps de la communauté, Campeggi


Since the late '80s, I've been campaigning for nomadic, stackable, transformable objects that adapt to our living scenarios, allowing spaces to be configured in new and changing ways.

This project for Campeggi is about appropriating the domestic environment, but also about inviting us to "make community".

For Ferdinand Tönnies, community(Gemeinschaft) refers to a form of collective based on an affective sense of belonging. It is embodied primarily in the "organic" bonds of family, neighborhood and village. A community of faith, custom and property, it is opposed to society(Gesellschaft), which is the product of the rational, calculating will of individuals who associate for their own benefit.

The concept of community enters into tension with modernity, and casts a raw light on it. It sheds light on the way modernity thinks of itself, notably as a "critique and crisis" of the community bond.

In the face of ecological and social challenges, we urgently need to reaffirm the "community" underpinning that continues to sustain our societies.

Symbolically, the iconic domestic sofa can be fragmented into seats that enable us to chat together. We then share its comfort so that more people can settle down, be together.

A structure to give the possibilitý of a "we".

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