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La plateforme


The main idea was to design a beach house inside an apartment to create a fantasy in an otherwise standardised space with few specificities.

The first decision was to propose a house with an open floor plan, that is, a very open home integrated into the main area. It is constituted of a floor 10 inches above the pre-existing one, serving as a platform to sit down, and a partial wood ceiling.

The platform allows to build a sheltered or at least more intimate space.

It also allows for the sea view to be at eye-level from the desk.

This structure’s form plays with the room’s volumetry, makes us forget it, while creating an open central space where to invent new everyday uses or simply breathe.

A “sofa” space is further integrated to this second floor within the direct continuation of the terrace, the hardwood platform beginning inside and extending outdoors.

A second intervention was to open the landing at the top of the stairs, constituting a passage to a perched hut designed within the attic.

Each part has its own colour.

The overall invigorating and dynamic space is an invitation to create, write, think, and gather friends to share.




  • Philippe Piron