The capsule, itinerant device, Frac Champagne Ardenne

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The capsule, itinerant device, Frac Champagne Ardenne


Two itinerant devices for the Champagne-Ardenne “Regional Contemporary Art Fund” (“FRAC”):  the "capsule", a space for disseminating the FRAC collection, and the "Digital Tripod", a mediation space.

With this new project, matali crasset reveals her profound interest for transmission and learning.

This dual project is a continuation of the museum lorry Mumo 2, of the Le Blé en Herbe school, designed in the context of the New Sponsors programme, of the children’s home at the Cent Quatre in Paris, and the Nimes Carré d'art workshop.

To see:

At each period, the act of perceiving is learned using existing techniques.

For children, the perceptive structures are constructed little by little.  It is important to offer them the possibilities of developing this perception thanks to digital devices that constitute a dominant means of coming out into the world.


To understand:

Digital techniques make it possible to relate the work and confront references.  They facilitate the work of understanding and appropriation of the artistic work.

And to do:

Play with the sound, act on the image, extract and work on the details, bring in the imaginary by taking works as a starting point and setting up visual dynamics.

In summary, these two new devices of exhibit and mediation make it possible to construct one’s regard and sharpen one’s critical sense.

The capsule is a mobile exhibit and mediation space targeting young people, conjured by matali crasset and designed specifically for the Champagne-Ardenne regional contemporary art fund (“FRAC”).  Created in close relation with her team, the designer proposes a host structure to propose contemporary art exhibits in ever-adapting places.

The Capusle proposes an exhibit with an independent hook-on system, like a capsule that lands in a space and distils an experience around the art.  It creates a specific discovery space-time with contemporary codes.

The system will be presented for the first time at the Childhood Creation Centre, around the “Recreations” exhibit.



Works by Meris Angioletti, John Batho, Sylvain Bourget, Mircea Cantor, Patricia Camus, Claude Closky, Michel Dheurle, Erik Dietman, Michel François, Anne Goujaud, Raymond Hains, Béatrice Helg, Pierre Huyghe, Pierre Mercier, Pierre-Etienne Morelle, Robin Rhode, Koki Tanaka


In the context of its partnership with the Tinqueux Childhood Creation Centre, the Champagne-Ardenne FRAC is presenting the Recreations exhibit thought out specifically for children by the public services of the two institutions, around the Centre’s annual theme:  This year, the theme is a relation to games, leisure and relaxation.

The exhibit also deploys in the spaces of Carré Blanc, where the Champagne-Ardenne FRAC’s new dissemination system – the Capsule – will be presented to the public for the time, created just recently for the institution by the designer matali crasset.


Centre de créations pour l’enfance
8 Rue Kléber

F-51430 Tinqueux





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